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Mission & Philosophy

1.  To promote and encourage religious experience for the many diverse Hindu congregational factions present in Hawke's Bay. We aspire to be the building block and unifying factor in bringing these diverse communities together.

2.  To build a Hindu temple & function centre for worship, prayers & events. This temple and function centre will be available to the      wider HB community in times of emergencies. The temple will promote and undertake activities in the areas of culture, spiritual        enrichment and social activities that have common themes of universal applicability.

3.  To conduct daily worship services to Hindu Gods and spiritual masters in accordance with traditional Hindu rituals and customs.

4.  To promote a better understanding of the Hindu culture by celebrating popular festivals and by inviting other communities to  

     participate in such festivals

5.  To conduct religious educational classes, study circles, discourses, the celebration of Hindu festivals and religious activities, and

     cultural events.

6.  To engage in various community service activities and to serve the needy and the elderly of all religions & ethnicities. 

7.  To enhance pride in Hindu Religion for present and future generations.

8.  To promote understanding and respect for Hindu philosophy.

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